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Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Administrative Procedure Act


The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) of 1946 celebrates its 75th anniversary on June 11, 2021. When it was established, U.S. Senator Pat McCarron called the APA "a bill of rights for the hundreds of thousands of Americans whose affairs are controlled...
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Image of Diversity

Inclusion in Action with GSA’s Technology Transformation Services


Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are the fabric of a healthy democracy and innovation. The diversity of our country and the equitable, inclusive, and accessible government that our people deserve are some of the biggest reasons why I was...
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Photo of the 'Missing Soldiers' Clara Barton museum

The Conservation of the Clara Barton Building


The building located at 437-441 Seventh Street, Northwest is a former Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (PADC) owned building which was identified as the office and residence of Miss Clara Barton. The discovery of the building's history can...
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Last Reviewed: 2021-06-09