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GSA Celebrates 50 Years of Art in Architecture


This October marks the 50th Anniversary of GSA’s Art in Architecture (AiA) program. In 1972, President Nixon issued a directive renewing and expanding the 1962 Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture, which recommended that new federal buildings …
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50 Facts for 50 Years: Building the Framework of FACA


Did you know that fifty years ago the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) was signed into law? You might even be asking yourself, what is FACA? To learn more about FACA and help celebrate 50 years of diverse thought and action, this blog series will …

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Have you heard a-BOT it?


At GSA, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays a big role in how we do business more efficiently and makes it easier to achieve our agency’s mission. Through the implementation of more than 120 automations in every GSA office, employees have been …

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10 Years of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program


We recently celebrated 10 years of the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program, which has welcomed about 200 private-sector experts to serve in about 50 agencies. Through it, federal agencies get access to new ideas and extraordinary tech talent. …

Last Reviewed: 2021-12-23