New Site Showcases Government Energy Data


With millions of Americans packing up their cars for the holiday weekend and vacations throughout the summer, saving energy –whether to ease the pain at the pump or to cool our homes– is at the top of our minds.

Saving energy is a priority for government too, and we at GSA are working to ensure that we are saving taxpayer dollars and being mindful of the environment.

The key to finding new ways to increase energy efficiency lies in knowing how we use energy, and making that information available to all who might offer new ideas.  That’s the fundamental driver behind the new community, launched this week.

Part of an ever-growing series of issues-based data communities, provides insights into our nation’s energy usage and performance.  It will feature never-before released data on federal energy use.  More than 200 high-value energy-related datasets and tools have already been collected from agencies across the federal government, with many more to come.  By the end of the year, for example, the site will showcase data telling the story of federal building energy use, prospects for energy efficiency improvements, and the federal government’s energy consumption and costs dating back to 1975 by agency and energy type. will help us find ways to lower our individual and organizational energy usage and costs.  It will serve as a catalyst for government, industry, and citizens like you and me to help develop innovative clean energy technologies and new ways to achieve sustainability in our homes and buildings.  It will help drive new start-ups that can provide cost-effective alternative energy options and create jobs.

At you can examine and experiment with data such as coal production numbers, electricity generation by state, and U.S. natural gas prices.  You will find apps for using this information and tools to monitor, manage, and save energy.  You’ll find challenges and competitions that provide meaningful, engaging, and even fun ways for anyone to contribute to our nation’s clean energy future.

Take a look today at, use the apps, and join the conversation to ensure that government is using its data and resources in the most efficient and effective way possible. as a whole sits at the crossroads of open government and transparency, key priorities for President Obama’s administration.  By increasing public access to a wide range of datasets generated and maintained by the federal government, provides the information and tools anyone can use to make government work better for its citizens.

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