New Widget Promotes Public Safety in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

New Widget Promotes Public Safety in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy


To use the widget on your own site, click on the image, copy the code provided, and paste it onto your webpage.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, effectively sharing information on how and where to get help is of critical importance. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently released a free widget that provides resources for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The widget — available in both English and Spanish —  can be used on any website, maximizing access to vital resources when people need it most.

Government and civilian websites alike can use the widget to inform survivors in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut on ways they can register for needed financial assistance, find shelter, and locate family and friends that may have been displaced in hard-hit areas. The tool also connects individuals who are interested in volunteering in relief efforts and making donations to appropriate channels. Contractors with supplies that can prove helpful in disaster relief can also use the online tool to directly connect with GSA as the agency continues to purchase goods and services needed in recovery.

To get the widget, website managers can grab the HTML code from or

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