Consolidation Creates Efficiency and Accountability at GSA


Dan Tangherlini PortraitFor the past 10 months GSA has been engaged in a Top to Bottom review, examining how we can best fulfill our mission to deliver the greatest possible value to the American people and our federal partners. One of our most important findings from that process is the need to consolidate GSA’s administrative services.

The Top to Bottom review showed us that the broad duplication of administrative services has complicated our work, added cost and impaired outcomes. It became clear that the best way to build a stronger GSA would be to consolidate the IT, HR, Administrative, and Financial functions of GSA. This approach promises to integrate each administrative function into a single team, teams that not only work together smoothly and efficiently, but also with clear responsibility and accountability.

The consolidation process began last April, when I directed the Public Building Service’s Chief Financial Officer to report to GSA’s Chief Financial Officer. Since making this change, we have already improved accountability throughout this office and identified numerous opportunities to create the level of transparency that the American people deserve. We expect to realize similar benefits throughout GSA as a result of further consolidations.

In the days and weeks ahead we will simplify our information technology department and ease access to agency data by bringing all information technology personnel, budgets, and systems under the authority of the Chief Information Officer. The result will be a new technology office that has the ability to directly provide all IT services and support directly to the entire agency.

Likewise, bringing all human capital management personnel and operations together under the Chief People Officer ensures GSA’s HR needs are comprehensively met. This change will guarantee that all of us at GSA get consistent, accurate, and timely information and support.

At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and performance of our administrative processes, a number of administrative functions will be brought together under the Office of Administrative Services. This includes executive correspondence, records management and audit response tracking.

This process is a significant step forward in building a stronger GSA. Our hope is that the better coordinated and more streamlined GSA will make us a model of how to provide the kind of efficient, effective, and transparent service that the American people expect from their government.

Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12