GSA Helps Reduce Federal Footprint in Ohio

GSA Helps Reduce Federal Footprint in Ohio


The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) officially transferred the deed of two commercial buildings in Fairview Park, Ohio, once part of NASA’s Glenn Research Center. The sale is the latest action in GSA’s ongoing efforts to find new owners for excess federal facilities while creating the greatest possible value for taxpayers.

This building in Fairview Park, Ohio, was once a part of NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

Built in the 1960s during NASA’s Apollo Era, the buildings served as office space for engineering and administrative staff. Once NASA determined these buildings were no longer needed, GSA began the required steps in the disposal process. The buildings were made available through an online public auction, and the winning bid of $1.2 million was accepted in February 2013. This deal transfers ownership of the two buildings at the Glenn Research Center to 21000 Fairview, Inc., who intend to rehab and lease them commercially.

GSA is moving aggressively to dispose of surplus properties, and the agency is currently hosting auctions, requesting industry input, and offering proposed exchanges so it can put even more surplus and underutilized properties to new uses. So far in 2013, GSA has sold or transferred 44 facilities across the country, generating $40 million in sales, and an additional 100 properties are moving into the disposal pipeline. Since 2010, GSA has completed nearly 400 disposal transactions nationwide, which have generated $145 million in proceeds and eliminated more than 12,500 acres of excess land.

The Obama Administration has promoted efficient spending across the government, and has made real property a focus. This sale directly supports the Administration’s directive to shrink the federal real estate footprint to reduce costs and bolster efficiency. Efforts made by GSA to reduce costs, increase utilization, and improve the accuracy and transparency of the federal government’s data on real property are in line with the Administration’s priorities and guidance. Charged with helping other federal agencies dispose of property, GSA is working to ensure that decisions about federal real estate are made in a cost-effective way, delivering better value and savings to the American people.

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