GSA Gets Top Grade For Small Business Efforts

GSA Gets Top Grade For Small Business Efforts


For the second year in a row, GSA received an “A+” grade from the Small Business Administration for its work expanding opportunities for small businesses around the country. GSA awarded $1.3 billion to small business in Fiscal Year 2012, representing nearly 40 percent of eligible contract dollars, exceeding the agency’s 30 percent goal and all prime contracting subcategory goals.

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The A+ grade GSA received from Small Business Administration is a testament to our commitment to expand opportunities for small businesses.

The grading system is part of SBA’s government-wide small business scorecard, which measures how well each agency performs in reaching their small business and socioeconomic prime contracting and subcontracting goals. Additionally, the scorecard provides accurate and transparent contracting data and reports agency-specific progress.

Over the last couple months, GSA has doubled down on its efforts to expand opportunities for small businesses:

  • The agency recently participated in National Small Business Week by hosting small business training and matchmaking sessions around the country;

  • GSA’s Office Supplies Second Generation (OS2) program reached a significant milestone of saving the government $200 million on purchases of common office supplies while also supporting small businesses;

  • During this fiscal year, GSA has Awarded more than $21 million to small business across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska;

  • To date, the Rocky Mountain has awarded $56 million to small businesses in the six-state region; and,

  • Since October 2012, more than $61 million in new contracts have been awarded to small businesses within the Pacific Rim Region.

The A+ grade is a testament to GSA’s commitment to expand opportunities for small businesses. Innovative small business outreach efforts helped the agency exceed its goals:

  • Our nationwide acquisition workforce’s strong commitment to recognizing the value and savings that small businesses provide in federal contracting;

  • The Office of Small Business Utilization broadened outreach to small businesses, launching a new workshop series to help business owners learn more about federal opportunities;

  • Utilized social media to promote awareness of small business training opportunities and policy updates; and

  • To improve subcontracting performance, GSA conducted training for the acquisition workforce and increased prime contractor accountability by conducting subcontracting compliance reviews with SBA.

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