Supporting Safe Schools Through Cooperative Purchasing


Earlier this year, President Obama announced a plan to reduce gun violence in our schools and communities. GSA is committed to supporting the President’s plan by helping our nation’s educators and local officials keep our schools safe.  In the first of several webinars planned across the country, GSA and the U.S. Department of Education recently co-hosted an hour long training session titled “Using Federal Contracts to Enhance School and Campus Security.”

Photo of School Safety Initiative

GSA is committing to supporting President Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence in our schools and communities.

The program outlined how school officials can use federal government contracts to purchase safety devices and services. Educators and school administrators from across the country joined the inaugural webinar to learn how to purchase security cameras, emergency communications equipment, security consulting services, and other products and services from GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program that can make their schools safer.

When buying under the program’s Schedule, school officials benefit from streamlined procedures that save time and money. GSA vets contractors’ past performance, financials, and pre-negotiates a ceiling price.   School districts, colleges and universities are currently using the program to make a wide-range of purchases.

To find out more about safer schools and GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program click here.

Last Reviewed: 2019-04-05