GSA Seeks Responses to Climate Change Adaptation Services RFI


Do you have ideas on how to support federal climate change adaptation activities? GSA wants to hear from you. Earlier this year, federal agencies released their first Climate Change Adaptation Plans. These plans outline strategies to address the impacts of climate change on agency missions, operations, and programs. GSA’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan describes how the agency could be impacted by a changing climate, including assessing risks to the services it provides to its customers.

During recent discussions, several customer agencies indicated they would prefer to rely on GSA-established acquisition vehicles when contracting for services to support implementation of their climate change adaptation plans. As part of its mission to provide timely, quality, and cost-effective products and services, and building upon the President’s Climate Action Plan and the designation of climate change on the US Government Accountability Office’s High Risk List, GSA issued a Request for Information (RFI) to evaluate the emerging marketplace for services to support federal climate change adaptation activities.

While some climate science support will come from the US Global Change Research Program, GSA’s customers will likely need additional contractor support today and in the future to use and apply the climate science information.  GSA seeks responses to the RFI from all organizations, including those who are not current Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) holders, that are qualified to provide one or more of the following services:

  1. Applying and Interpreting Climate Models: Support to help agencies better understand climate models and how they apply to agency missions, operations, and programs.

  2. Applied Climate Science: Support in developing solutions to address the identified impacts of climate change.

  3. Climate Risk Management: Services that provide information, frameworks, and analyses to manage climate risks to agency missions, operations, and programs.

  4. Climate Risk Communications and Training: Support to help agencies develop and deliver climate risk communication, training, and information products.

The RFI includes a response form for potential sources of these services to complete. It covers an array of questions, from basic questions on business size, to more technical questions that ask respondents to describe their experience and processes to provide one or more of the services.

Once the RFI closes, GSA and its federal climate change adaptation partners will review responses received and discuss next steps. GSA may find that suppliers on the GSA MAS Schedules can already provide these services and no further work is necessary, or GSA may need to take additional steps to ensure these services are available.

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Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12