Looking for that unique holiday gift? Check out GSA Auctions


How about stuffing a stocking with an AH-46 Chinook US Army helicopter?

AH - 46 Chinook Helicopter

Or firing up your fireplace with some grade A sustainable kindling?


Have you got space in your garage for this classic car?

Chevy Impala

Who doesn’t like fried food during the holidays? The bid for this commercial deep fryer is still under $50.

Commercial Deep Fryer

Afterwards, you’ll need to trim some calories on this.

Tread Mill

Maybe you’d just like some bling or lots of bling for someone special?


You can find all this, and more: visit GSAAuctions.gov today to ensure a very special holidays.

We’ve been working hard to save taxpayer dollars and get the best value for our customer by disposing of excess property. Recently, GSA’s New England region sold Sector Two of the former Air Force OTH-B Radar in Columbia Falls, Maine. The property was sold via online auction for $255,000 to a neighboring landowner. In 2013 alone, GSA has sold or transferred 213 facilities across the country, generating $97.7 million in sales. And we have more than 800 properties moving into the disposal pipeline.

The public can find out more about GSA’s disposal efforts and opportunities to own excess property on PropertyDisposal.gsa.gov and RealEstateSales.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2019-03-19