#FBC14: The Finals

#FBC14: The Finals


It all comes down to this. Sixteen buildings began the competition, and after two weeks of tough voting, we have the final pairing. From San Francisco, comes the recently renovated 50 UN Plaza which will battle it out with the Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building from San Antonio. Each has a number of energy-saving and environmentally conscious features. Each is a historic building that has been modernized. Each is located in a city that has a number of championships from the sports world.

So look each building over and make your choice for your favorite green federal building.

Here are the results of the semifinal round (in % of votes):

  • 50 United Nations Plaza def. U.S. Coast Guard HQ 55-45
  • Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building def. Tuscaloosa Federal Building 53-47
Federal Building Challenge Final Bracket

Championship (Click to Enlarge)

This is a competition for entertainment and informational purposes only, and the winner’s prize is bragging rights for the year. We hope you learn something about GSA’s sustainability efforts and that you’ll share this with your friends on social media using hashtag #FBC14. Follow us on Twitter (@usgsa) or Facebook (facebook.com/GSA) for reminders when the next round of voting begins. You may vote once a day.

FINAL (Click images to enlarge)

Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building, San Antonio, TX  50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building, San Antonio, TX 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA
A roof-mounted, 50 kW photovoltaic array, green roof, improvements to the lighting and domestic water systems. Energy Features Roof design reduced storm water runoff by 75% and provided a safe haven for bird, butterfly and insect populations, roof mounted PV panels, lighting equipped with daylight and occupancy sensors.
29,856 Energy Use Intensity (BTU/GSF) 22,000
LEED Platinum Green Certification Energy Star; reporting a LEED Platinum target.
The first GSA-owned building certified LEED Platinum in the nation. Fun Fact Constructed in 1936, the building served 74 years without a major renovation and survived a catastrophic earthquake.

Which building is your favorite?

  • Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building, San Antonio, TX (40%, 3,864 Votes)
  • 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA (60%, 5,892 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,753

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Schedule of Voting
Round 1: Completed [RESULTS]
Round 2: Completed [RESULTS]
Semifinals: Completed [RESULTS]
Final: Thursday, April 3 – Tuesday, April 8

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