#FBC14: 50 UN Plaza Crowned Champion

50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, CA

From renovation project to champion.
50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Three weeks of competition. 16 buildings. Thousands of votes.

In the end, there was no stopping 50 UN Plaza, as it rolled over Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building with 60 percent of nearly 10,000 votes cast (final score 5,892 – 3,864).

“Winning GSA’s Federal Building Challenge is a great honor for 50 United Nations Plaza and the Region,” said Ruth Cox, Pacific Rim Regional Administrator. “Competition was extremely tough with all the high caliber sustainable buildings GSA has in its inventory. It was wonderful to see that number of people love our new regional headquarters as much as I do.”

GSA Pacific Rim Region Facebook page screenshotThe team from GSA’s Pacific Rim Region was active throughout the event, reaching out to employees and stakeholders alike through email and social media to encourage them to vote. The team truly got into the spirit of the competition on Monday, holding a mini pep rally with staffers wearing green to the office in support of the building’s many eco-friendly and energy-saving features.

“What an amazing experience to have the entire Region, crossing all business lines, the project team both internal and external contractors, our tenants, as well as our community neighbors pulling together for our very own 50 UNP,” said Monsy Agleham, project manager for the recently renovated facility. “Thank you!”

The people in the Greater Southwest Region were disappointed, but held their heads high after the defeat.

“We are so proud of the strong running the Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse had in this year’s Federal Building Challenge,” said Sylvia Hernandez, Acting Greater Southwest Regional Administrator. “Regional employees and many others voted for this historic gem and we stand proud to have had so many people behind us. 50 United Nations Plaza in San Francisco is a beautiful building with impressive green technologies. On behalf of the Greater Southwest Region, I congratulate Region 9 for the big win. It is well deserved.”

Constructed in 1936, 50 UN Plaza served 74 years without a major renovation and survived a catastrophic earthquake. Recent renovations include environmental remediation; new mechanical, electrical, lighting, and plumbing systems; roof replacement and refurbishment of existing historic wood windows; restoration of the historically significant interiors and central courtyard as well as a redesign of office interiors. With its sustainable design, the 14,000-square-foot green roof will help to reduce storm water runoff by 75 percent and lower heating and cooling costs. The green roof and 96-panel photovoltaic solar array contributed to a total of four LEED® credits for this project.

The Federal Building Challenge showcased the variety of green buildings in the GSA portfolio and the many ways our inventory is improving energy efficiency across the country. For more ways GSA is going green, see the additional resources below.

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