Dan Tangherlini Talks Leadership with High School Students

Dan Tangherlini Talks Leadership with High School Students


Recently, a group of students from Mount Madonna School in Watsonville, California visited GSA as part of a “Government in Action” tour that also saw them sit down for conversations with members of Congress, non-profit organizations, private industry and the media to learn how things happen here in Washington.

Administrator Dan Tangherlini spent his time with the students talking about leadership, and what he’s learned over his career, and how he’s been able to implement these things at GSA.

For student David Kerr, Tangherlini’s words were thought provoking.

What struck me the most however, was when he said, “Find success for yourself. Don’t let other people determine what your success is or will be.”

Lexi Julien was similarly impressed:

Just as he had torn down the walls in the GSA office, Mr. Tangherlini has not created boundaries for himself in terms of what he is setting out to accomplish, and this is what has brought him to where he is today.

The future of government is certainly in good hands with inquisitive students like these.

Students and GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini

GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini and students from the Mount Madonna School. (Photo Courtesy Mount Madonna School)

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