GSA Seeks Promising Technologies to Improve Building Performance


Agency’s Green Proving Ground Announces its FY14 Program, Calls for Applicants to the FY15 RFI

GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program aims to drive environmental performance in federal buildings and lead market transformation through early adoption and deployment of innovative, transformational building technologies. GPG leverages GSA’s national building portfolio to establish test bed locations for third-party evaluation of promising pre- and early-commercial technologies. GSA is working closely with Department of Energy’s Commercial Buildings Integration program to use these results to accelerate market uptake of high impact technologies tested through the GPG program.

Today, GPG is proud to announce its FY14 program lineup and the publication of its FY15 Request for Information (RFI) seeking innovative building technologies to demonstrate and evaluate in GSA buildings. On Tuesday, th​e RFI ​was highlighted at a ​White House event announcing significant new private sector commitments and executive actions to reduce emissions of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

GPG would like to introduce and congratulate the following nine technologies selected for evaluation from our FY14 RFI:

Electrochromic (EC) windows: In GPG’s ongoing evaluation of EC technology, dynamic controls introduce the capability for auto-tinting windows to learn from occupancy patterns and individual preferences to improve user satisfaction and environmental quality.

Host site: Portland, OR. Technology provider: View, Inc.


Low-emissivity window film: This film makes it possible to achieve low-e glazing characteristics without full window replacement.

Host sites: Dallas, TX; Ogden, UT. Technology provider: Eastman Chemical.


LED replacement lamp for CFL: This “plug-and-play” replacement for 4-pin CFLs commonly used in commercial downlights is estimated to achieve up to 50% savings in energy consumption with minimal installation cost.

Host sites: Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Auburn, WA. Technology provider: Lunera Lighting, Inc.


LED retrofits for fluorescent luminaires: Two models of LED retrofit kits for T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps will be evaluated for their ability to save lighting energy without alterations to the existing ceiling grid.

Host sites: Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Auburn, WA. Technology provider: Cree, Inc. and NEXT Lighting Corporation.


Networked lighting: This innovative lighting system enables two-way communication between LED luminaires, sensors and back-end software to dynamically achieve both energy savings and operational improvement.

Host site: Portland, OR. Technology provider: Philips Lighting.


Variable-speed screw chiller: This chiller adapts variable-speed technology typically found in larger systems to a smaller, modular footprint.

Host site: Washington, D.C. Technology provider: Carrier Corporation.


Passive thermal energy storage platform: This HVAC optimization tool leverages the physical structure and contents of large commercial buildings to store thermal energy and reduce peak energy use.

Host sites: Chicago, IL; Houston, TX. Technology provider: QCoeffcient, Inc.


Predictive energy use optimization: This cloud-based software layers weather and building-use data on top of existing building automation systems to optimize HVAC operational strategies per each 24-hour period. This evaluation will be conducted as a joint effort with the Department of Energy.

GSA host sites: Jacksonville, FL; Dayton, OH. Technology provider: BuildingIQ, Inc.


Virtual energy audit: This software analyzes building operations and existing equipment to prioritize energy conservation measures tailored to specific buildings or to a portfolio of like buildings.

Host site: Denver, CO. Technology provider: Automated Logic Corporation.


More information on these technologies and our 17 other ongoing evaluations can be found at the GPG’s Preliminary Technology Assessments webpage.

To let us know about your building technology, complete the FY15 RFI. If your technology is selected for evaluation, it will be deployed in a pilot installation at a federally-owned building and receive thorough measurement and verification by third-party evaluators. Project results are intended to help spur GSA’s deployment of high impact technologies, and to inform public- and private-sector investment decisions.

More information:

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