Message from the Acting Administrator



Today, I had the honor of walking into work for the first time as the Acting Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration. I joined GSA almost a year ago as Deputy Administrator, and since that day, I have been consistently impressed by the public servants at GSA. Their work ethic and dedication provides the outstanding support our partners throughout the government need to give the American people the services they expect and deserve.

Our agency has made great strides over the last few years and there are still a number of opportunities to improve even more. This year, we will continue to build on our success and continue to explore paths that pushes our government forward, further providing the support and services our federal partners need in the 21st century.

Leading with innovation is one of GSA’s top priorities. Our work is transforming how agencies across the country are doing their jobs and serving the American people. I look forward to furthering this progress by growing Total Workplace, ensuring our access to the Federal Buildings Fund, and serving as a strategic partner to help customers find cost savings and improved operational efficiencies.

In acquisitions, GSA has launched a beta version of a governmentwide acquisition gateway, reorganized around categories of goods and services, and created new vehicles like OASIS. The coming year should show continued improvement on those initiatives while also streamlining vendor and customer interaction.

Through offices like OCSIT and 18F, we are transforming digital delivery of services in government, changing how agencies interact with the American people. I look forward to growing our efforts even further so that GSA is as closely associated with technology as it is with property and acquisitions.

GSA has also strengthened our organization while achieving significant budget reductions by streamlining internal functions and instituting performance-based reviews. By continuing those efforts and learning from one another’s best practices I am confident that GSA will grow even stronger.

It is equally important that GSA continues to serve as a model of responsible government. This agency has transformed itself into an example of what transparent, efficient, and effective government looks like and we have a responsibility to our partners and to the people we serve to continue to do so.

I consider myself fortunate to be assuming the role of Acting Administrator at an agency that has such a strong foundation. Thanks to the hard work of the public servants at GSA, we have built up a great deal of momentum. I am committed to maintaining that momentum and building on our successes as we continue to create a government for the 21st century.

Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12