GSA Launches New Supply Chain GHG Emissions Reporting Pilot


In support of President Obama’s newly released Executive Order on federal sustainability, GSA Acting Administrator Denise Turner Roth announced a new pilot program to encourage GSA vendors and contractors to publicly disclose their corporate-wide greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and set targets for reducing them. GSA is the first federal agency to launch such a program.

GSA is launching the pilot this week with CDP Supply Chain, a third-party carbon reporting system. CDP is a global nonprofit offering companies the ability to publicly disclose their GHG emissions and management practices in a standardized, comparable format. As a leader in this field, CDP has the credibility and experience to help GSA successfully manage this effort.

Additional Details About the Pilot

  • GSA will join over 70 major companies that are already supporting CDP’s research into the climate impacts and strategies of key suppliers.
  • It will be voluntary for companies to disclose via CDP Supply Chain under this pilot program, and participation will not affect the award of GSA contracts. There is no cost for companies to participate.
  • CDP will invite approximately 120 GSA suppliers to disclose via CDP Supply Chain, beginning in early April. These companies will be chosen from among GSA’s largest suppliers.
  • This program will help GSA operate more sustainably, and will give participating suppliers an opportunity to plan more comprehensively to cut costs and carbon. The CDP Supply Chain pilot program will also prepare our partners in the private sector to do business with GSA in the future, as we continue incorporating carbon disclosure goals into specific contracts (such as our recent Domestic Delivery Services package delivery contract and OASIS professional services contracts).
Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12