GSA Commemorates Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Please join us this Thursday in observing Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), the community-driven effort aimed at raising awareness for digital accessibility for all. Events held on GAAD are intended to get people thinking and talking about how to make the internet more accessible to users with different disabilities.

All federal employees and citizens, including those with disabilities, should expect and have appropriate accessible technology to do their jobs and communicate with government. In terms of citizen services, accessibility is important to all age groups and individuals, especially veterans and seniors.

Accessibility means that persons who are blind have federal web pages that work with screen reading technology, that persons who are deaf have closed captioned videos, so they can read the text of an audio presentation or training session, and that persons with limited mobility have access to services using keystrokes or alternative input mechanisms, not a mouse. Accessibility also means that electronic information has to work on all electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops – not just desktop computers.

GSA event coming up on June 18:

For those interested in continuing the innovative work around Federal IT accessibility, GSA is hosting a major event on June 18th. To register visit

Session 1:  Introduction to 508 for Everyone

Want to learn more about Section 508? Need to know how to make your solicitations Section 508 compliant? Want to find out about how the BuyAccessible tool can help you with your Section 508 requirements? Join us for this informative session by one of the leaders in the Section 508 field.

Session 2: Overcoming Barriers to Accessibility: Alternative Solutions to Traditional Section 508 Issues

This portion of the event will focus on identifying barriers and solutions in the management of Section 508 compliance in large organizations with multiple stakeholders. We’ll discuss issues such as contract language and management, application development, program management, third party integrations, and open data. This session will be a great opportunity to candidly discuss barriers to implementation, identify innovative solutions, and work on increasing accessibility across government.

For this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, make it a point to visit,, and and learn more about how to easily and efficiently implement IT accessibility to support federal workers and citizens!

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-28