Deeper Dive: Schedules Data Dashboard Provides Intelligence to Suppliers


The Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program streamlines the process of purchasing products and services for the federal government.  It’s the largest purchasing program on the planet, with pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties and other terms that make it easier for agencies to acquire everything they need to meet their missions and save taxpayer dollars. What’s on Schedule? Everything from staplers and electric vehicles to cell phones and complicated enterprise-wide IT solutions. The MAS program includes almost 14-thousand suppliers and these invaluable partners sold roughly $33 billion worth of goods and services to the federal government last year alone.   

But we’re not just interested in the amount of money moving through the MAS program – the spend data that’s captured provides important business intelligence, including insights into federal purchasing patterns. This information is especially valuable for the vendor community.   Suppliers are no longer content to simply know what agencies are buying: they want to see how their company stacks up compared to other vendors on the same Schedule, how their sales compare to the competition overall, and how data intelligence can be leveraged to improve business practices and take advantage of new opportunities.  The information provided by FAS is especially important for small businesses that may not have adequate resources to conduct their own in-house data analytics.  

Recognizing the demand for this kind of data, FAS’s Office of Acquisition Management has developed the MAS Performance Dashboard, designed to provide our suppliers with the figures they want and need. This innovative and dynamic E-tool can also be found on

This new, user-friendly public dashboard offers searchable and filterable information all the way from FY 1991 to present, including MAS sales by fiscal year and quarter, overall sales by contractor, sales by Schedule, sales by Special Item Number (SIN), average sales by contract, count of contracts by fiscal year, and business volume by geographic location.  Drilling down deeper in the map section, users can zoom in and search for vendors by city, state, or zip code to see sales numbers and even more underlying data like contract number and reporting office.

But MAS suppliers are not the only community finding this tool beneficial: federal acquisition professionals report the dashboard’s underlying data makes it easy to find vendor contact information and reach out and engage with MAS suppliers.  

Filters allow all users to narrow their dashboard results by selecting specific socioeconomic categories, like women-owned small businesses or service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.  FAS is committed to helping small businesses succeed in our programs and enabling federal agencies to meet their socioeconomic goals. FY2015 data shows that nearly 40 cents on every dollar going through the MAS program has gone to a small business.  

The MAS Performance Dashboard is just one of several new FAS E-tools, like the Contract Awarded Labor Category (CALC) tool and OS3 (Office Supplies) FSSI Performance Dashboard, geared towards making information more accessible and more useful for our stakeholders.  For more FAS E-tools, visit (

Last Reviewed: 2019-07-23