Bozeman Federal Building in 1972

GSA Celebrates The “New Old” Modernistic Bozeman Federal Building


2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966,  a cornerstone of American historic preservation. It also marks the 50th Anniversary of the downtown Bozeman Federal Building and Post Office in Gallatin County, Montana. GSA along with its building tenants decided to commemorate the anniversary by planting a tree. The federal building is the only GSA owned building in Bozeman and it continues to provide work space for the U.S. Postal Service, the Agricultural Department and others. A little over 100 employees work out of this seven-story building.

In a society otherwise enamored of the styles of the 1960’s, the architecture of that decade is rarely loved and frequently reviled. All over the country, 60’s buildings are being torn down although that’s not the case with this building. The Bozeman Federal Building is one of the region’s most impressive statements of Montana modernism, and while the 1960s modernistic style remains controversial among many, this unique design adds to the city’s mix of Victorian and Classical architectural styles. In 1966, GSA hired a local Butte, Montana architect, Norman J Hamill & Associates, to build the building.

GSA has close to 8,800 assets across the country. Thirty-one percent of GSA’s owned inventory is historic buildings. In the spring of 2010, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funds were made available to up upgrade the building’s lighting, such as installing occupancy sensors, improving the automotive controls, and installing new chillers.

This modernistic style building is part of the heritage and culture of the historic downtown Bozeman business district. This historic building and others, are a direct and substantial representation of history and place. Visit GSA’s Historic Preservation Program website for more details about our program.

Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12