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GSA Identity Protection Services Blanket Purchase Agreement Earns Category Management Best-in-Class Designations


GSA’s Identity Protection Service Blanket Purchase Agreement (IPS BPA) has been named a”Best-in-Class” vehicle. Best-in-Class (BIC) is a contracting and acquisition designation used across government to denote contracts that meet rigorous category management performance criteria as defined by the Category Management Leadership Council, which is chaired by the Office of Management and Budget and includes representatives from the seven biggest buying agencies. The BIC designation recognizes these contracts as ‘good-for-government’ purchasing solutions.

The IPS BPA, awarded in 2015, gives federal agencies access to a pool of well-qualified contractors capable of providing the services needed to mitigate potential damage to those affected by data breaches and other personnel security matters.  Under the BPAs, federal agencies have access to a variety of identity protection services including: consumer credit reports, address verification reports, and credit risk assessments as well as identity restoration services involving suspected or actual breaches of sensitive personally identifiable information.

On July 1, 2016, OMB issued a memorandum which requires, with limited exceptions, agencies to use the IPS BPAs for providing comprehensive identity protection services, identity monitoring, and data breach response. According to the OMB memo, the IPS BPAs shall be treated as a preferred source for federal agencies when agencies have a need for credit monitoring, breach response, and identity protection services. Taking advantage of the IPS BPAs ensures agencies can meet their needs for expeditious delivery of best-in-class solutions ranging from pre-approved and vetted companies at competitive pricing and reduced administrative costs.

The BIC evaluation process was conducted with broad cross-governmental representation including a mix of category management and subject-matter experts. The classification gives acquisition experts across government the confidence in the IPS BPA contracting vehicle’s benefits. The contract, in turn, helps the government in its efforts to optimize and manage spend.

For details on the IPS BPAs, including task order instructions, offered services, authorized users, order dollar value limitations, the inclusion of agency specific terms, and ordering periods, visit

Last Reviewed: 2018-03-12