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GSA Steps Forward to Modernize Electronic Rulemaking


GSA’s eRulemaking program is modernizing, the source for information on the development of federal regulations and other related documents issued by the U.S. government. On, you can find, read, and comment on regulatory issues that are important to you. The beta version is a re-envisioning of the site, with enhanced search capabilities, a simplified commenting process, and a brand new design to improve user experience in public commenting.

The existing site is planned to be formally decommissioned in September 2020 and replaced with the modernized version that is currently available for evaluation at To maximize the exposure to the new interface and collect public feedback, all users visiting the current will be automatically redirected to with increasing frequency leading into September. 

The first redirect will start at 8:00am ET on Thursday 5/21 and will last for 24 hours. The full schedule of subsequent redirects is shown by calendar with boxed dates. This reflects one day per week for the remainder of May, increasing to two days per week in June and July, and three days per week in August.

The full schedule of subsequent redirects is shown by this calendar with boxed dates. Redirect dates in the calendar are May 21

Prior to being redirected, users will first land on a temporary informational page. After clicking the “Continue to Beta” button, they will be redirected to Public users will not be able to return to the classic site for the duration of the redirect period. 

The eRulemaking Help Desk will be available during normal working hours at 1-877-378-5457 (toll free) or 703-454-9859 (locally). Users in the process of submitting a comment at the start or end of a redirect period may need to refresh the page or enter the comment again.  Some automated methods for submitting comments outside of the traditional human-to-machine interaction with the web user interface may be impacted by the redirects. If support is needed to complete a bulk comment submission or for any other technical issues, please contact the Help Desk. In addition, please use the “Feedback” button at the top right corner of the to share your thoughts and suggestions for the site. We also have an informative FAQ should you have any additional questions.

There will not be any changes or impact to the back end process among the systems. GSA will continue to support the public and agency users as usual. Please email us at with any questions and suggestions.

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-20