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Celebrating Black culture and innovation at TTS: Black ingenuity and talent

Members of TTS' Black employee affinity group share reflections that inspire more equitable workplaces and communities year-round.


Black and African American technologists shape every definition of innovation. During Black History Month, the Technology Transformation Services (TTS) celebrated Black and African American innovators in our program and our country.

But Black History Month can't be limited to a single month. Every day, we have the opportunity and responsibility to feature Black voices and Black achievements. These successes have been made despite the pressures, violence, and traumas that Blacks communities have faced—and continue to face.

In his message to TTS employees, Executive Director Dave Zvenyach said, "the achievements of Black Americans rarely receive the recognition they deserve and come at great personal cost. The painful contradiction is that Black history is one of greatness achieved in the face of powerful opposition. Black History Month is not just a celebration of the incredible work of Black Americans, but a reminder that we all have a part in lifting up Black voices and Black achievement, and that still much work remains to be done."

Each vignette below has been shared by a member of TTS' Black employee affinity group and was part of our Black History Month social media campaign. We hope you enjoy them and find timeless lessons that inspire more inclusive and equitable workplaces and communities, every month of the year. Find more guidance is provided on

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