Febuary 2013

GSA Personal Property Team Delivers Customer Service While Saving Taxpayer Dollars


The Northwest/Arctic Region Property Division is committed to providing the customer service and delivering the kind of value in GSA’s new mission and priorities. In the past year, the Property Division has helped with the transfer, disposal or…

GSA Releases Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan


GSA’s recently released Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan outlines strategies on how the agency can continue the Obama Administration’s commitment to cutting waste, pollution, and costs in federal operations. Sustainability is a…

New Online Tools Advance Government Communication


At Tuesday’s  #SocialGov Summit for Social Media Week DC, GSA showcased two new initiatives for citizens, agencies, and small businesses that help unlock the full potential of social data for the next generation of government services and…

Consolidation Creates Efficiency and Accountability at GSA


For the past 10 months GSA has been engaged in a Top to Bottom review, examining how we can best fulfill our mission to deliver the greatest possible value to the American people and our federal partners. One of our most important findings from that…

New leadership emphasizes GSA’s commitment to its partners


This is going to be a busy year for GSA. With budgets tightening across the federal government, other agencies are looking to us to help them find the savings and services that they need to more efficiently fulfill their responsibilities to the American…

GSA Commemorates African American History Month


Since 1976, February has been reserved to honor the significant contributions of African Americans to our country. In celebration of National African American History month, GSA is highlighting some of the most significant buildings, artwork, and property…

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