September 2014

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Fact Friday: GSA’s Closest Neighbor


The Octagon House, which is six floors below and across the street from the Administrator’s Office, is GSA’s Closest Neighbor. Besides sharing the same Foggy Bottom neighborhood, GSA and the Octagon have much in common, especially in the…

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back at the New Deal


The New Deal, carried out during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, fostered growth, put people work to work and touched lives during one of the darkest times of our nation’s history. The files for many of these New Deal projects survive…

Energy Efficient Puerto Rico U.S. Passport Office Opens


The first U.S. Passport Office to open outside of the mainland United States meets strict environmental standards that help reduce its carbon footprint and also create a healthier work environment. The new Passport Office in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which…

GSA’s Welcomes Open Data Expert Rebecca Williams


GSA’s innovative program recently welcomed a true open data advocate, Ms. Rebecca Williams, to shine her own stream of sunlight on government data. Williams is a noted open data expert having worked across state and local government along…

GSA and Small Businesses Talk Opportunities


Open house and training conference brings together government officials and small businesses to talk about real opportunities in the federal marketplace.…

GSA Seeks Redevelopment Ideas for Volpe Center


GSA is seeking creative ideas from the real estate development community to redevelop the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center) property in Cambridge, Mass. GSA, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)…

GSA and AbilityOne: Partners in Transformation


As individuals or organizations, we deal with change constantly. While it can be challenging to adapt to new circumstances in our households or at work, one of the ways people cope is to focus on core principles and apply them to new scenarios. For the…

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