January 2015

Fact Friday: A Profile of GSA's Busiest Land Border Crossing


Located 15 miles south of San Diego, California, the Land Port of Entry (LPOE) at San Ysidro is the busiest land border crossing in the Western Hemisphere, averaging about 50,000 vehicles and 25,000 pedestrians entering the U.S. from Tijuana every day.…

Large Photo of Federal Center South Building 1202

GSA’s Super (Bowl) Buildings


The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are two of the most efficient teams in football. But when it comes to efficiency there are a number of GSA’s buildings that could give these teams a run for their money. In both the New England and…

GPG Breaks Ground for Three Innovative Building Technologies


GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program is one of the ways GSA advances the performance of our federal buildings. Designed to overcome new technology adoption barriers, GPG tests emerging technologies in GSA’s buildings to assess the impacts…

Buy Smarter with GSA’s FAS New Alliant Prices-Paid Tool


Over the last couple years, GSA has been moving rapidly to make important changes to how we approach government acquisition through implementation of category management across government and within the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).  We are…

Fact Friday: How Does the RFI Process Help Dispose of Federal Properties?


A responsible landlord will always look to manage his or her real estate portfolio in the most efficient manner. GSA is regularly reviewing how to best manage its real estate portfolio and has recently increased its efforts to help federal agencies…

GSA’s Salt Lake City Courthouse Wins Prestigious Award


As a design leader, GSA’s Public Buildings Service strives for best design, efficiency, and taxpayer savings in its federal buildings. Recently, the American Institute of Architects awarded the 2015 Institute Honor Award to the new Salt Lake City…

GSA Fleet Launches 2015 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tool


GSA’s Office of Motor Vehicle Management is pleased to announce that the 2015 Light Duty Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Acquisition Tool is posted online and available for use. The AFV Acquisition tool helps leasing and purchasing customers optimize…

GSA’s Critical Technology Role


GSA plays a critical role in helping other agencies with technology, from OCSIT’s assisting with cloud computing security and managing usa.gov to OGP’s development of cybersecurity policy and overseeing the .gov domains. Over the past year, we…

GSA’s Surplus Property Program Helps Superman’s Hometown


Recovering from natural disasters can prove to be a challenge for towns and cities across the country. Over the past few years, Metropolis, Ill. has faced flooding, snow storms, and a tornado, and needed equipment to help their community clean up from the…

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