September 2015

GSA Partners With Neighbors To Create Innovative Walking Groups


Did you know that the average office worker sits for about 10 hours a day, making calls, working on the computer, eating lunch and more. Fewer than half of all adults get enough physical activity to reduce their risk of chronic disease and only a quarter… launches to help citizens register and connect with states


One of the most important rights of American citizens is the right to vote. It is the foundation of our democracy, and in many ways, the basis of our government. This is why the team at is excited to announce the launch of …

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Backpack Program Feeds Kids


 Little Eagle Child Care Center Helps Build a Strong Community Little Eagle Child Care Center, Kearneysville, WV , makes it a practice to help others in need by adopting a different organization, some national and some local, each month. In…

GSA’s 8(a)STARS II Award Makes Government Buildings Smarter


Imagine walking into your office building, coffee in hand, and the first thing you see is a bright digital display with a color dashboard offering a variety of information, including an agenda with your 10 a.m. meeting on it. Later, while heading to that…

GSA and the Green Proving Ground lead the way for emerging lighting technologies


Emerging lighting and control technology has been a focus for GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) since the program launched in 2011. Two early GPG studies on integrated daylighting and occupant responsive lighting controls reported that interior…

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