If reported property is not selected by a federal, state, or local government agency, a nonprofit organization, or a member of the general public, GSA will authorize the owning agency to dispose of the property through the Abandon and Destroy (A/D) process.

This action must be processed in accordance with FMR 102-36.305-330.

Property must be disposed of in compliance with EPA laws and regulations, using environmentally friendly methods.

For additional assistance, contact a Personal Property Management Office representative in designated geographic locations.

Abandonment / Destruction by Recycling

If property is not disposed of through use of GSA’s utilization, donation, and sales programs, control of the property for ultimate disposal reverts to the owning federal agency. At this point, the agency can dispose of the property through abandonment and destruction procedures or through recycling.

Legislation Background

  • FMR 102-38.295 outlines the policies governing the sale of federal personal property that has completed all required screening, as well as property to be sold under the exchange/sale authority.
  • Public Law 107-67 provides information on funds recovered through recycling.
  • FMR 102-36.305 states rules for abandoning or destroying excess personal property.
Last Reviewed: 2023-03-29