GSA Auctions℠ Sales

GSA can sell agency surplus, exchange/sale, and forfeited personal property through GSA Auctions or offline sales. GSA provides services that will speed disposal of property and generate greater returns.

  • Nationwide visibility of property to increase interest and competitive sales,
  • Specialized sales for unique items,
  • Various sales methods suitable to an agency’s needs, and
  • Vehicle consolidation sites where volume dictates.

GSA Auctions sales offers:

  • Computer information systems geared to property disposal,
  • Electronic payments and disbursements,
  • Experience in working with contract law in instances of claims or disputes,
  • Full-service vehicle disposal contracts in all U.S. regions, and
  • Sales professionals trained and experienced in personal property and vehicle disposal.


Benefits of GSA Auctions Sales for vehicles are:

  • Increased visibility yields higher bids and proceeds;
  • Optional locations for consolidating vehicles for sale; and
  • Timely sales and removal of excess vehicles, so agencies don't have custodial responsibility for the vehicles.

For light-duty vehicles, our partnership with GSA Fleet offers value-added services, including transportation, storage, maintenance and vehicle reconditioning, as part of the GSA Auctions Sales Center. The fee is based on the level of service.

Special Rates for Servicing Vehicles:

  • Agencies must negotiate rates for vehicles sold resulting from seized and forfeited laws.
  • GSA Vehicle sales for exchange/sale and other reimbursable sales (Federal Supply Classes 2310 and 2320 only).

GSA Support

Basic support services include everything related to the actual sale of property:

  • Acting as auctioneer;
  • Offering basic media advertising (one newspaper or equivalent);
  • Cataloging property;
  • Collecting, depositing and distributing proceeds;
  • Managing contract administration;
  • Managing contract awards;
  • Adding description enhancements;
  • Publishing featured items;
  • Managing financial and property line item accountability;
  • Offering specialized sales requiring bid deposits;
  • Certifying usage;
  • Maintaining of registered bidders;
  • Acting as onsite contracting officer;
  • Preparing award documents;
  • Providing secure Internet site;
  • Posting items;
  • Posting photos; and
  • Registering bidders.

A partnership with GSA Fleet and the owning agency provide charges for Value-Added Services such as transportation, storage, maintenance, and reconditioning of property before sale.

Note: Supplemental services, including transportation, storage, maintenance, vehicle preparation security services, travel expenses, portable restroom facilities, and special media advertising are negotiated and billed separately.

Contact the regional GSA Sales Office to learn more about GSA's Sales Program, relevant fees, and to address special circumstances.

Owning Agency Responsibilities

Owning agencies are responsible for the care and handling of surplus personal property during the sales process. Specifically, they must:

  • Help allot personal property into reasonably sized groups of similar items to promote competitive bidding;
  • Make it easy for prospective bidders to inspect and remove surplus personal property;
  • Provide descriptive information for sale and accountability on SF120 (Report of Excess Personal Property) or SF126 (Report of Personal Property for Sale) for non-reportable surplus and exchange/sale property;
  • Provide photographs and other assistance when requested by GSA; and
  • Transport property to a consolidated sales site when acceptable to both the owning agency and GSA.
Last Reviewed: 2022-05-24