How to Acquire Surplus Federal Personal Property

Eligible state and local government agencies and nonprofit organizations can obtain personal property that the federal government no longer needs through the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.

Surplus personal property includes all types of property except:

  • Land or other real property;
  • Certain naval vessels; and
  • Records of the federal government.

There are special procedures and forms for:

Steps for Eligible Groups to Acquire Personal Property

Find Out If You Are Eligible

Only state and local government agencies and public organizations carrying out certain activities qualify to receive surplus federal property.

Eligible Activities to Receive Surplus Federal Personal Property by Donation provides a listing of eligible organizations.

Contact the Local State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP)

State agencies and public organizations seeking donations of surplus federal property should contact a SASP representative in their region. These state-run organizations coordinate with the federal program for the donation of federal surplus property to public, tax-supported entities and eligible private nonprofit tax-exempt organizations. SASPs evaluate all organizations and determine eligibility based on proof of eligibility through proper documentation. SASPs may provide search-only access for GSAXcess®, which is a web-enabled platform where eligible customers can search for and select personal property.

SASP representatives will guide state agencies through the rest of the process.

Note: Most SASPs operate on a self-sustaining basis and may require recipients to pay a service charge to cover handling, transportation, and administrative expenses. These charges are partly based on percentages of the value of the property.

Search for Property

Use GSAXcess® to search for available surplus property.

Terms and Conditions

State agencies and public organizations receive title to donated property after fulfilling all relevant compliance restrictions and waiting a specified period of time. State restrictions may vary, as each state agency is permitted to impose its own terms and conditions. Federal restrictions include:

  • Usage Requirements: Federal restrictions require state agencies and public organizations to start using surplus property items within one year of acquisition and to use the items for at least one year thereafter.
  • Exceptions/Special Handling: GSA puts additional restrictions on aircraft, vessels (excluding certain navy vessels), and gifts received from foreign dignitaries [DOC - 31 KB] . If an agency or organization violates any of the restrictions, it may have to return the property to the SASP, or reimburse the fair market value if the property cannot be recovered.

GSA Directive (Orders)

GSA Order FSS P 4025.5 provides procedures for the donation of federal surplus personal property, consistent with the provisions of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, 63 Stat. 377 as amended, and other applicable laws.

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-28