Property Codes for History Items

State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASP) provide the appropriate Property Code to GSA when screening an item of personal property. SASPs are state-run organizations that coordinate the federal program for the donation of federal surplus property to public, tax-supported entities and eligible private nonprofit tax-exempt organizations.

Note: The Personal Property Management Office (PPMO) will conduct the property allocations if there is no GSA representative at a particular physical donation screening. The SASPs must annotate each History Item with the appropriate Property Code when the request is emailed or faxed to the PPMO.

GSA will select the Property Code if the SASPs does not provide it at the screening. This is not the preferred method and can lead to errors that directly affect each SASP. Please see the list of stock classes and codes below to annotate items sent to the PPMO for each screening.

List of Stock Classes and Codes
FSC Property Code Description
1510-1520 AF Aircraft - Flight Use
1510-1520 AG Aircraft - Ground Use
1510-1520 AP Aircraft - Parts Cannibalization
1905 BC Combat Ships/Landing Vessels
1910 BT Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop
1915 BH Cargo and Tanker Vessels
1920 BF Fishing Vessels
1925 BV Special Service Vessels
1930 BB Barges and Lighters, Cargo
1935 BL Barges and Lighters, Special Purpose
1940 BS Small Craft
1945 BP Pontoons/Floating Vessels
1950 BY Floating Dry Docks
1955 BD Dredges
1990 BM Miscellaneous Vessels
2310 VB Buses;
2310 VS Sedans and Station Wagons
2310-2320 VA Ambulances
2320 VP Trucks, 1/4 to 1-ton
2320 VJ Trucks, over 1-ton
2320 VT Trucks, Tractor
2330 VC Trucks, Cargo
2330 VH Trailers, House
2330 VU Trailers, Semi
2410 TT Trailers, Full Track
2420 TW Tractors, Wheeled
3416 ML Lathes, Engine
3417 MM Milling Machines
3805 MG Graders and Scrapers
3805 MD Ditchers
3810 HC Cranes
3825 HS Sweepers
3930 FL Forklift Trucks
4210 FF Firefighting Trucks
6115 GA Generator Sets, 60 Cycle, 1-20KW
6115 GB Generator Sets, 60 Cycle, over 21-100KW
6115 GC Generator Sets, 60 Cycle, over 100KW
7010 AC ADPE Configuration
Last Reviewed: 2022-11-16