Records Management Acquisition Planning Package

Use the following samples, templates, and reference documents to understand how to acquire what you need.

  1. Discover guides and policy

    Records Management Acquisition Overview

  2. Define requirements

    Performance Work Statement (PWS): A requirements document for performance-based acquisitions that clearly describes performance objectives and standards expected of a contractor.

    Statement of Objectives (SOO): A requirements document that establishes the overarching objectives of the acquisition to allow contractors maximum flexibility in meeting government needs

    Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE): An assessment / estimate of the contract’s potential costs based on industry standards. Please use this link to access GSA’s standard IGCE creation tool

  3. Research and plan

    Market Research as a Service Report (MRAS): A no cost market research report developed by GSA. Request Market Research as a Service (MRAS) here.

  4. Develop a solicitation

    Key Considerations and Buying Notes

    Once you have conducted market research and written your requirement, you can post your RFQ to GSA eBuy under the appropriate SINs. Below is a sample RFQ which includes the sample SOO above as an attachment.

    Use the new Product Service Codes (PSCs) established in 2019 to properly report spending for records management in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

    • R616 - Physical Records Management (SIN 493110RM)
    • R617 - Electronic Records Management (SIN 518210ERM)

    Request for Quotation (RFQ):A solicitation type used to obtain pricing information for clearly defined products or services (e.g. COTS). RFQs are typically used to meet the business needs listed in a requirements document

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Last Reviewed: 2023-05-18