Management and Advisory/ Advisory and Assistance Services Acquisition Planning Package

Use the following samples, templates, and reference documents to understand how to acquire what you need.

  1. Discover guides and policy

  2. Define requirements

    Performance Work Statement (PWS): A requirements document for performance-based acquisitions that clearly describes performance objectives and standards expected of a contractor.

    Statement of Work (SOW): A requirements document that clearly and specifically describes the work to be done in developing or producing the products and/or services delivered by the contractor.

    Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE): An assessment / estimate of the contract’s potential costs based on industry standards. Please use this link to access GSA’s standard IGCE creation tool

  3. Research and plan

    Market Research as a Service Report (MRAS): A no cost market research report developed by GSA. Request Market Research as a Service (MRAS) here.

    Market Research Report (MRR): A type of market research report outlining available commercial capabilities, vendors, and contract vehicles to meet business / acquisition needs.

    Request for Information (RFI): A process / document used by government agencies to gauge industry interest and gather information on contractor capabilities and other general market information. Responses are used for information only and are not considered part of an official proposal

    Sources Sought Notice (SSN): A request used to identify small businesses that would be interested in fulfilling a government solicitation, helping to improve small business contracting opportunities.

  4. Develop a solicitation

    Request for Quotation (RFQ):A solicitation type used to obtain pricing information for clearly defined products or services (e.g. COTS). RFQs are typically used to meet the business needs listed in a requirements document

    Other Solicitation Resources and Templates: Additional resources to support the development and release of your solicitation

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Last Reviewed: 2023-02-08