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GSA offers a variety of training solutions that save time and leaves more budget for your agency’s mission. Training options include Web-based, self-teaching tools, podcasts, and on-site instructor led.

Customer Success Story

USACE Usage of GSA MAS for Fuels Systems Maintenance

In 1980, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) approached Huntsville Center to acquire contracts for the creation of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals for their Defense Energy Support Center Fuel Support Point (now the Defense Fuel Support Point - DFSP) coastal fuel sites. Due to the success of this effort, in 2010 DLA requested Huntsville Center develop a recurring maintenance and service order program to maintain their capitalized fuel sites worldwide. The Fuels Program (formerly the Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program) purpose is to provide recurring (preventive) maintenance to maintain the capital investment and corrective maintenance repairs (service orders) with emergency response to sustain the operational readiness of petroleum facilities. USACE, Europe District (NAU) has a similar program that covers 8 European countries.

GSA Schedules Training

Take advantage of our Schedules training. It provides an interactive learning experience by integrating web 2.0 and social media technology. Our training offers continuous learning points (CLPs) that may count toward your contracting certification and continuing education. Learn how to effectively use the Schedules program to meet your requirements, use our tools to enhance competition, achieve small business utilization, procure sustainable acquisitions, and much more.

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On-demand webinars include:

  • FAC 023 Basic Contracting for GSA Schedules
  • FAC 027 GSA Schedules and Small Business
  • FAC 028 GSA Schedules and Sustainable Acquisition
  • FAC 029 GSA Schedules vs. Open Market
  • FAC 036 GSA Schedules BPAs and CTAs
  • FAC 037 GSA eBuy: An Overview
  • FAC 038 How to Integrate Green into Acquisition
  • FAC 048 The GSA MAS Program: Buying Services Through GSA Schedules

Last Reviewed: 2022-04-22