Document Handling, Audio, Video and Subscriptions

GSA offers services to assist customers in creating and maintaining an office environment that is productive and efficient. GSA offers the following services and more through the GSA Schedules program:

  • Leasing and buying copiers
  • Destroying documents
  • Conducting research
  • Outsourcing mail room operations
  • Buying audiovisual or photography equipment.

Additional information is available on the following solution areas:

  • Professional Audiovisual Telecommunications and Security Solutions
    Includes video and audio equipment, television cameras, telecommunications equipment, and closed circuit/surveillance equipment.
  • Photographic Supplies, Equipment Services
    Includes digital and conventional cameras, film processing supplies and photographic lab services.
  • Copiers and Document Management
    Includes equipment and services used to create, duplicate, and manage documents like copiers, document conversion services and mail management services.
  • Publications and Subscriptions Services
    Includes media services and publications in various format available for subscription, lease and purchase.
Last Reviewed: 2021-06-01