Acquisition Gateway

For federal buyers.
Get resources and tools and connect with other federal buyers to improve acquisition governmentwide. Learn more.

GSA Advantage!

For federal buyers (including state and local government entities).
Shop millions of products and services as well as Disaster Relief or research the market for selling.


For agencies, industry, and citizens.
Report a problem with GSA Global Supply orders or make an inquiry about GSA products and services.

GSA Global Supply

For federal buyers.
Place orders for tools, office supplies, computers, and other supplies.


For federal buyers (including state and local government entities) and suppliers.
Post requirements and receive quotes for products and services on GSA Advantage.

Market Research As a Service (MRAS)

For federal buyers.
Request for GSA to research the market to find service providers and suppliers for your agency’s prospective contracts and potential needs.


For federal buyers.
Find information on current contract awards for MAS, MACs, and GWACs, Veterans Affairs (VA) Schedules contract awards.


For federal buyers.
Post, manage, and award federal government contract opportunities that are valued at over $25,000.


For potential and existing contractors.
Submit contract offers and contract modification requests.

Schedule Sales Query Plus

For federal suppliers.
View dashboards of MAS sales trends for new and existing contracts.

Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation

For federal buyers.
Enter and view details about specific contract award data as well as updates on news and training.

Verified Products Portal (VPP)

For authorized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and wholesalers.
Provide supplier authorization information and detailed commercial off-the-shelf product content.

Green Procurement Compilation (GPC)

For federal buyers.
Identify federal green purchasing requirements and explore resources for cost-effective and sustainable acquisition through MAS, FSSI solutions, or GSA Global Supply.

Vendor Support Center (VSC)

For potential and existing contractors/vendors.
Conduct market research, review GSA contracting vehicles, upload information to GSA Advantage! and register to use eBuy.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-11