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Contract Awarded Labor Categories (CALC)

CALC tool helps federal contracting officers and others find awarded prices to use in negotiations for labor contracts. It offers ceiling prices, fully burdened costs, services data, and worldwide rates.

Contract Awarded Labor Categories (CALC)

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OASIS Price Estimating Tool (PET)

The OASIS Price Estimating Tool has been decommissioned and is no longer available. Please use the PET Resource tool (available on PET page) to develop labor rate estimates applicable to the OASIS Multiple Award Contract labor categories defined in Section J.1. Attachment 1, of the OASIS contract.


Steps to Performance Based Acquisition (SPBA)

Performance Based Acquisition (PBA) can be daunting, and guides on the subject can easily run up to 50, 75 and even 100 pages. That can make learning PBA appear more complicated than it really is. A successful acquisition answers four questions: what do I need, when do I need it, who needs to get it to me, and how do I know it's good when I get it?

This guide, geared toward the greater acquisition community (especially program offices), breaks down performance-based service acquisition into eight steps. Within the steps you will find information, references, examples, best practices and templates. The steps cover each aspect of a performance-based acquisition and are recommended to be followed in order. However, you may wish to jump straight to the step on which you are working or that which is of most importance to the work you are doing.

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-12