New Services

Under the Transportation and Logistics Services Category Schedule new services may be offered at any time. The introduction of new services represents any service or product that can enhance the Transportation and Logistics Services Category Schedule.

Contractors can offer a new or improved service at any time that has the potential to provide more economical or efficient means for federal agencies to accomplish their mission, and is within the general scope of the Statement of Work. The contractor can also perform a new task or procedure not currently available under any GSA Schedule. There is no guarantee that the service offered will be recognized and accepted under an existing SIN.

Find a list of contractors here - SIN NEW: Miscellaneous Complementary Special Item Numbers

Introduction of New Supplies and Services Includes the introduction of new supplies, technology and services categorically related to items already on GSA contract, which may be in commercial development and/or not yet introduced to the federal government.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-19