For Agencies

TMSS 2.0 (Transportation Management Services Solution) allows customers to effectively execute and manage all stages of the shipping process, helping you to:

  • Automate transportation sourcing and bill of lading execution
  • Integration with Third Party Payment Service
  • Practice best value decision making
  • Improve transportation management;
  • Gain visibility and control of shipping costs with advanced reporting and analytics.

How It Works:

  • Agencies create, rate or rate shop, and offer shipments in TMSS 2.0;
  • Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) electronically accept or reject shipment offers;
  • The bill of lading (BOL) is electronically generated;
  • TSPs execute the shipment and the shipper can view the shipment status and receive automated event notifications and alerts;
  • Pickup, delivery and shipment charges are confirmed and the BOL is automatically sent to the Third Party Payment System (for agencies who have signed up) and
  • Agencies have access to a robust report center.

How to Sign Up:

Please visit and submit a registration request. The Group Administrator for your organization will then approve your registration request and you will be notified via email upon approval.

Steps to Log In:

Please perform the following steps during your first log-in to TMSS 2.0:

  1. Go to the TMSS
  2. Click ‘New Register’. A temporary password will be sent to you via email. (note: username is case sensitive);
  3. Enter your temporary password in the password field (note: password is case sensitive); and
  4. Select the “Login” button to create security questions and change your password.

Training Resources:

Help desk support is available from 7:00 a.m. EST to 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays) and can be reached via phone at 1-866-668-3472 or email

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-04