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GSA offers a comprehensive Human Capital Solution that mirrors the Executive Office mandate to upgrade and enhance all Federal Agency Human Resources Systems and Services.

Human Capital Special Item Numbers (SINs):

In addition to the enhancement of SIN 541612HC, 10 new SINs are added to better align with the OPM/OMB Federal Human Capital Business Reference Model. They are organized and defined into the following specific HR Sub Categories:

561611 - HR Support: Pre Employment Background Investigations including Verification of previous employers; salary histories; criminal records checks; education verification; and credit history checks; investigative services offered include Local Agency Check (LAC), National Agency Check with Local Agency Checks and credit checks (NACLC), Single Scope Background Investigations (SSBI), SSBI - Periodic Reinvestigation (SSBI-PR) and Single Scope Background Investigations - Misconduct Investigations (SSBI-MI).; fitness assessments, fingerprinting and lie detector.

56131 - Talent Acquisition:Includes recruiting, executive placement, full or part time staffing or contract well as : Talent Acquisition Management; Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment; Candidate Assessment and Selection; 4 New Hire In-Processing; Candidate Suitability; and Security Classification and Background Investigation Support.

611430TD Talent Development: includes Learning Management Systems, leadership development, professional training , mentoring, internships, coaching, tests and test assessments, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive employee skills development, conducting employee development needs assessments; designing employee development programs; administering and delivering employee development program.

541612EPM - Employee Performance Management includes Recognition Management. As well as defining performance objectives, reviewing, appraising, and managing employee performance, and evaluating and reviewing the performance management program, HR planning, and designing, developing and implementing a comprehensive performance management program.

541214HR - Compensation and Benefits: Includes: Payroll, Benefits Management, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance Claims; and Executive Services, Compensation Management;Work Schedule and Leave Administration; Benefits Management; and Work-Life Wellness/Employee Assistance Programs and Social Services.

524292 - Separation and Retirement includes: conducting efficient and accurate HC processing actions in support of employee separation or retirement, handling the appropriate notifications, ensuring knowledge transfer; determining the terms, entitlements, and benefits options of separation and conducting counseling activities. self-assessment.

541612ER - Employee Relations includes: Employee Misconduct Remediation; Employee Performance Remediation; Administrative Grievances and Third-Party Proceedings; Reasonable Accommodation Programming; and Employee Suitability.

541612LR - Labor Relations includes: the managing of the relationship between the agency and its management associations, unions and bargaining units; negotiating and administering labor contracts and collective bargaining agreements; managing negotiated grievances; and participating in negotiated third party proceedings. Includes adjudication of issues related to Disaster Relief.

541611W - Workforce Analytics and Employee Records includes creating a process to review workforce and performance data, metrics, and results, to anticipate and plan for future strategic and operational requirements and to make holistically informed Human Capital Management decisions; Employee Inquiry Processing; Employee Research; Workforce and Performance Analytics; Workforce and Performance Reporting; Records Management; and Records Disclosure.

54161 - Agency Human Capital Evaluation includes results assessment of HR functionalities throughout the Agency and Human Capital Programmatic Evaluation - an agency's self-assessment of its human capital strategy, services, and practices to improve its return on human capital investment, quality, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

541611 - Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants, Management Support, and Business Program and Project, Management Services

541612HC - Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy and Operations includes development of effective human capital management strategies and enhanced policy; Workforce Planning; Human Capital Strategy; Organizational Design and Position Classification; Diversity and Inclusion; Employee Engagement and Communications; Organizational Development(OPM\OMB Federal Human Capital Business Reference Model)

624SS - Social Services, Professional Counseling and Veterans’ Readjustment & Behavioral Health Services - includes traditional EAP-comprehensive employee assistance and related social and behavioral health counseling and readjustment services including vocational and psychosocial rehabilitation, physical/occupational/educational therapy and outpatient recovery; personal and family support, wellness coaching, psychotherapy, including homeless counseling and placement services, emergency response and social advocacy services, educational and public health program administration, service registries (employment, daycare, etc); legal, benefit/compensation consultation in the areas of individual and family personal and financial enhancement. Provides Telemental Health counseling services.

561EEO - EEO Services -include providing investigation of Discrimination Complaints and Preparation of Reports of Investigation (includes individual Case/consolidated Case-One or Additional Issues, Continuing Violation, On-Line Reporting System, Additional Copies of Investigation Reports). Preparation of an Analysis and Recommended Final Agency Decision (FAD) in Discrimination Complaints, Inquiry, Resolution Attempt.
This following SIN is set aside for small business concerns only.

561320SBSA - Temporary Administrative Management & Clerical Occupations (Total Small Business Set Aside)


TEMP HELP Includes the following Occupational Classifications:

  • Administrative,
  • Automatic data Processing (IT) Occupations,
  • Education and Training Occupations,
  • Facility Services and Support,
  • General,
  • Information and Arts,
  • Legal,
  • Management & Clerical Occupations,
  • Medical,
  • Protective and Professional Occupations,
  • Scientific,
  • Technical,
  • Trade.

All classifications (with and/or without security clearances, i.e. Secret, Top Secret, and Top Secret SCI). This SIN includes both Wage Grade (SCA) Rates and Professional Labor Rates.

Learn more in the Human Capital Human Capital slipsheet [PDF - 831 KB]and Human Capital Category's Multiple Award Schedule and HCaTS Comparison Chart [PDF - 233 KB].

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-18