Electronic Records Management (ERM) Industry Guidance and Resources

Industry guidance applicable to the Schedule is found under Selling to the Government. More information about this specific category can be found under our overview of the Office Management Category.

Records Management Subcategory Specific Requirements

In order to help ensure agency compliance with Federal policies and mandates, GSA and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) worked together to develop Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) standards. Simultaneously, GSA incorporated these requirements into the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) under Special Item Number (SIN) 518210ERM (formerly GSA MAS 36’s SIN 51 600). To add the SIN 518210ERM - Electronics Records Management Solutions to your GSA MAS contract, contractors must meet the following subcategory specific requirements

Understanding Applicable Federal Policies and Mandates

Electronic Records Management (ERM) Working Group and Advisory Council

The Electronic Records Management (ERM) Working Group is a GSA Industry Engagement Forum, which was established to improve our service and support to help agencies acquire the ERM solutions they need to manage their records and fully transition to electronic records.

Purpose and Focus

  • Improved government acquisition of ERM solutions through industry and government collaboration implemented through the related subcategories under MAS.
  • Identification of government "pain-points" surrounding ERM procurement and whether they can be overcome.
  • Identification of -- and feedback on -- ERM requirements in private industry. What is private industry doing well that could translate to government records management? 
  • Engagement with NARA to clarify policies and requirements.

Working Group Membership

GSA welcomes all federal buyers and industry members wishing to participate in a forum dedicated to improving the buying experience within the Records Management Category. Any Multiple Award Schedule contract holder or Federal Buyer wishing to join should email recordsmanagement@gsa.gov. Members have the ability to opt out at any time by emailing their request to opt out to recordsmanagement@gsa.gov. Opting out does not in any way impact communication to and from GSA and the acquisition professionals who are assigned to manage the MAS solicitations and their GSA contracts.

ERM Advisory Council

Due to overwhelming interest and membership in the working group, GSA has established an advisory council whose responsibilities include:

  • Participating in more frequent council meetings (appx. 6 per year).
  • Identifying and elevating issues, problems and topics that affect all MAS contract holders and buyers.
  • Work with members of GSA and our federal customers to develop solutions (both during and in between council and working group meetings) through council member led teams and/or through participation in smaller MAS Working Groups.
  • Partnering with GSA in planning working group meeting and industry days and even presenting or facilitating during these events.
Government Members Industry Members
Jon Anders (DHS)
Darryl Byrd (Peace Corps)
Sara Frey (WAPA)
Susan Little (DOL)
Richard Mattison (FAA)
Rebekah Meservy (DOJ)
Lindsay Simon (EEOC)
Bob Valente (GSA Chair)
Robert Bailey (BIT Consultants)
Mike Brazerol (Zendesk)
Amina Elgouacem (Neostek)
Darrell Leonard (ManCom Inc.)
John Mancini (On behalf of QAI)
Ajie Velasquez (CGI Federal)
Dave Westcott (The Crowley Company)

The advisory council is chaired by Bob Valente, Program Manager, GSA Office Management Government-Wide Category. Working Group and Advisory Council meetings, events, and communications are coordinated by Matt Mastronardo, GSA Business Management Specialist. To learn more or reach the advisory council members, email recordsmanagement@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-09