Office Management Category - Buyers Guidance and Resources

GSA can assist in meeting all of your Office Management needs with the following offerings and services:

  • Audio Visual products and Services
  • Office Management Maintenance and Repair
  • Printing and Photographic Equipment
  • Document Services
  • Mail Management
  • Records Management
  • Office Supplies and Services
  • Media Product and Services

Contractors available under SIN 5416110O- Office Management Needs Assessment and Analysis Services Services, can provide a comprehensive assessment of existing agency objectives, capabilities, and funding obligations and can provide recommendations and support in developing requirements for a total office solution.

Customers can also utilize SIN 611710 - Educational Support Services to access education and training.

GSA also features two Enhanced Special Item Numbers (SINs). These SINs are the latest Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative solution for Office Supplies Fourth Generation (FSSI OS4) and have been designated as Best-in-Class (BIC) by OMB. They are:

  • 339940OS4– OS4 Office Products and Supplies
  • 339940OVER– OS4 Overseas Office Products and Supplies

These SINs serve as purchasing channel solutions that help federal customers achieve significant savings on their office supply purchases. The awards are the result of a collaborative team effort among customer agencies across the federal government.

The Enhanced SINs include all of the improvements that made FSSI OS3 a Best In Class solution. By combining the two current solutions (Multiple Award Schedule and FSSI OS4), this solution provides an opportunity to achieve significant savings and meet sustainable acquisition and other socioeconomic goals. A major objective of this solution is to increase opportunities for small business participation by at least five percent (5%).

Learn more about the program, buying procedures, and contact information in the FSSI OS4 Buying Guide [PPTX - 3 MB] and the FSSI OS4 Slipsheet [PDF - 103 KB].

Office Administrative Services

SIN 561110 includes a range of turnkey day-to-day office administrative support services, such as clerical/ secretarial functions, data entry, payroll administration, recordkeeping, travel preparation, scheduling, notetaking, meeting management, drafting memos/notes/letters, purchasing/requisitioning supplies, and logistics.

Temporary Staffing Services

Download the Ordering Guide for Temporary Staffing Services [DOCX - 46 KB]. It will clarify common misconceptions about temporary hiring.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-11