Professional Services Category - Buyers Guidance and Resources

GSA's Professional Services Category provides a full range of acquisition services. From training to scope reviews, statement of work development to contracting support services, we are committed to helping you find the contract solution you need for your professional services acquisition.

Requirements Analysis & Contract Support

Our knowledgeable project managers and contracting staff are well-versed in helping you define your requirements and develop best-in-class statements of work and performance work statements.


For a list of the available offerings under the Professional Services Large Category visit, please visit Professional Services Category page or download the Available Offerings Attachment [XLSX - 815 KB].

Buying Procedures

Purchases can be made through eBuy and GSA Advantage!, or by issuing an RFI or RFQ. Generally Contracting Officers should following these ordering procedures, however you should also comply with your organization's acquisition rules. Purchase Card Holders should reference these GSA Schedule ordering guidelines. SIN-specific ordering guides are available under SIN descriptions on the Professional Services Category page.

Need more help on buying professional services through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule? Check out this Factsheet [PDF - 218 KB]to learn more.

Check out this quick reference guide [PDF] on buying through the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) or OASIS.

SIN/NAICS Code Crosswalks

Download the Professional Services Schedule Old SIN to New SIN/NAICS Code Crosswalk Table [XLSX - 93 KB] where you will find the new SINs associated with PS-MAS Catalog H (00CORP) for making your offer.

The above Crosswalk Table has been excerpted from the Available Offerings and Requirements webpage. Select the Available Offerings Attachment [XLSX - 365 KB] to view the "Legacy Schedule SIN to Consolidated" tab.

Easy to Use Schedule Award and Order Checklists

Award and Order Topic Checklist
How to issue an FSS order for Professional Services FSS Order Checklist [PDF - 237 KB]
How to issue an order under an established FSS BPA for Professional Service FSS BPA Order Checklist [PDF - 237 KB]
How to establish a multiple-award FSS BPA for Professional Services FSS Multiple Award BPA Establishment Checklist [PDF - 238 KB]
How to establish a single- award FSS BPA for Professional Services FSS Single Award BPA Establishment Checklist [PDF - 246 KB]

Check out this video on Using BPAs to Streamline Acquisitions

Market Research Tools

GSA offers a variety of online for anything from market research to submitting your RFQ/RFP. Please visit our digital tools page to learn more.

Additional Resources

Additional resources that can help you properly use GSA Schedules include:

Professional Services Category FAQs

This section currently does not contain FAQs specific to the Professional Services Category. Buyers guidance applicable to the Schedule is found under the Schedule Buyers tab.

The Offeror will be required to identify the NAICs applicable to the products/services that are being offered.

For a complete list of the available offerings under MAS, please view the "Available Offerings Attachment" on the GSA Available Offerings and Requirements page.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-05