Scientific Management and Solutions Category - Buyers Guidance and Resources

The latest technology and services help our customers save lives and accomplish their missions. GSA provides one stop shopping for all general purpose and specialized laboratory equipment and furniture, unmanned aerial vehicles, measurement and testing equipment, and laboratory test and analysis services. Pre-qualified contractors stand ready to support government buyers under the following subcategories noted below:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Animals
  • Medical Research Equipment
  • Scientific Services
  • Testing and Analysis
  • Search and Navigation

The Scientific Management and Solutions slip sheet [PDF - 1 MB]contains additional details about category solutions in a printable format.

For information related to the specific NAICS associated with a SIN, full SIN descriptions, associated maximum order limitations and more, please view the Available Offerings Attachment and specifically the tab for Industrial Products and Services.

Scientific Management and Solutions Category FAQs:

Does Schedule 66 include products and services that are unique to human medicine?

No, see the VA Schedules for human medicine specific for devices, services, and labor categories.

Does Schedule 66 include stand alone services?

Yes, stand alone services such as calibration, maintenance, etc. can be found on Schedule 66.

Are the testing services under Schedule 66 conducted on-site or in a contractor's facility?

Both, either/or depending on the customer's requirement.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-18