Scientific Management and Solutions Category

The latest technology and services help our customers save lives and accomplish their missions. GSA provides one stop shopping for all general purpose and specialized laboratory equipment and furniture, unmanned aerial vehicles, measurement and testing equipment, and laboratory test and analysis services. Pre-qualified contractors stand ready to support government buyers under the following Subcategories noted below:

Microscopes, Laboratory Refrigerators And Freezers, Water, Air, Soil and Seismic Measuring, Diagnostic, Measuring and Testing Equipment, Analytical Instruments, Environmental Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Equipment and Products, Laboratory Maintenance, Repair, Leasing and Warranties.

SIN Title Description
333314 Microscopes Includes microscopes and borescopes.
333415 Laboratory Refrigerators And Freezers Includes reach-in and walk-in refrigerator and freezer configurations suitable for blood banking, chromatography, mortuary, and other special-use cooling or freezing requirements. Excludes all household, commercial or display case refrigerators and freezers.
334513 Water, Air, Soil and Seismic Measuring Includes water current meters, seawater sampling, and salinity measuring equipment.
334515 Diagnostic, Measuring and Testing Equipment Includes diagnostic, measuring, and testing equipment used in laboratory settings, such as microscopes, borescopes, etc. (For Unmanned Vehicle Systems information, please refer to the FAQs on the Buyers Guidance and Resources and Industry Guidance and Resources pages).
334516 Analytical Instruments Includes analytical equipment for laboratory use, such as testing equipment, etc.
334519ENV Environmental Measuring Instruments Includes a variety of measuring instruments, such as manual and automatic samplers, water quality meters, water analyzers, radioactivity detectors, air sampling equipment, gas alarms, etc.
339113LAB Laboratory Equipment and Products Includes both general and special purpose laboratory ware to contain, measure, and transfer laboratory samples and solutions. Products include reusable and disposable plasticware, non-plastic ware, and non-glassware.
532490L Laboratory Maintenance, Repair, Leasing and Warranties

Includes products for lab maintenance, repair, leasing, and warranties, such as equipment maintenance, repair and service; calibration and calibration traceability certificate; extended warranties; etc.

NOTE: Prior to purchase, and if no other options are requested, the manufacturer's standard calibration is provided with a certificate of calibration and a calibration sticker.

Animal Caging Equipment.

SIN Title Description
333999 Animal Caging Equipment

Includes animal cages and caging systems intended for the care, study and storage of animals that are used in the research biomedical laboratory environment.

NOTE: Food and water delivery systems may be included, but not the food or water itself. Items referred to as "metabolic cages" are also included, but devices for animal restraint, surgery or dissection are excluded.

Breathing Air Equipment and Related Items, Medical/Rescue and Patient Transportation Products.

SIN Title Description
339112 Breathing Air Equipment and Related Items

Includes breathing air equipment, inhalator devices, respiratory protection products, etc.

NOTE: Subject to Cooperative Purchasing

339113R Medical/Rescue and Patient Transportation Products

Includes medical and rescue products related to transporting patients, including kits and immobilization devices.

NOTE: Subject to Cooperative Purchasing

Equipment Service Agreements, Technical Training And Support (TTS).

SIN Title Description
532490ESA Equipment Service Agreements Offers the customer an option to receive all labor, parts, and materials necessary to maintain equipment in good operating condition. Includes emergency services, engineering hardware and software modifications, operator training, instrument certification, etc.
611430TTS Technical Training And Support (TTS) Offers the customer an option to receive training in the use of the purchased equipment, in addition to technical support. Includes onsite and offsite, basic operator, hardware, software, installation, and applications development training.

Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical and Nautical Systems and Instruments.

SIN Title Description
334511 Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical and Nautical Systems and Instruments Includes telecommunications equipment and accessories, such as radar (except airborne), underwater, light, and laser equipment.

Testing Laboratory Services

SIN Title Description
541380 Testing Laboratory Services

Includes testing laboratory services and veterinary, natural, and life sciences; testing services and laboratories; and other professional, scientific, and technical consulting services.

Testing and services include, but are not limited to: physical, chemical, analytical, or other testing services; quality assurance; fire safety inspections; training; safety audits; relying upon experimental, empirical, quantifiable data, relying on the scientific method, and professional services, tasks, and labor categories in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, atmospheric science, oceanography, materials sciences, mathematics, geology, astronomy, veterinary medicine, statistics, systems science, etc., (excludes social and behavioral sciences).

Examples of labor categories include, but are not limited to, Scientific Researchers, Biologists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Research Engineers, Meteorologists, Lab Technicians, Veterinarians and Veterinary Services, Chemists, Biochemical Engineers, Research Nurses.

For a complete list of the available offerings under MAS, please view the "Available Offerings Attachment" on the GSA Available Offerings and Requirements page.

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-15