Security and Protection Category - Buyers Guidance and Resources

GSA can assist in meeting all of your Security and Protection needs and below are examples of how.

The following information is provided to help our customers and end users:

  • This Physical Access Control System (PACS) Customer Ordering Guide [PDF - 1 MB] will assist you with acquiring the total PACS solutions that are available through the Security and Protection Category.

  • When purchasing protective services (i.e., guard services, alarm monitors, court security officers, canine handlers, etc.), rates published on the GSA MAS contract reflect a single, not-to-exceed, nation-wide, ceiling rate for the vendor. This means that the vendor is able to work anywhere in the scope of their contract (which is typically at least “domestic”, meaning the 50 states, D.C., and the U.S. territories) and their rate should absorb any applicable WD in the GSA MAS contract. Vendors may and should propose lower rates based on any applicable Scope of Work/Performance Work Statement or your particular requirements.

Security and Protection FAQs:

This section currently does not contain guidance or resources specific to the Security and Protection Category. Buyers guidance applicable to the Schedule is found under the Schedule Buyers tab.

For a complete list of the available offerings under MAS, please view the "Available Offerings Attachment" on the GSA Available Offerings and Requirements page.

Last Reviewed: 2020-10-28