Multiple Award Schedule Startup Springboard

Startup Springboard aims to make it easier for newer companies to submit an offer and be awarded a MAS contract. The program is geared towards companies that do not meet the solicitation requirement of having two years of corporate experience or financial statements, as outlined in MAS solicitation provision, SCP-FSS-001, Instructions Applicable to All Offerors.*

Expanding Startup Springboard makes it possible for companies across all MAS categories to be included in the Startup Springboard program and deliver their products and services into the hands of federal, state, and local agencies faster than ever before.

Through Startup Springboard, you may be able to:

  • Use your executives and key professionals experience to substitute for two years of corporate experience
  • Use key personnel project experience to substitute for relevant project experience
  • Provide financial documentation that demonstrates your company's financial responsibility instead of submitting two years of financial statements

Key Requirements

Offerors with less than two (2) years of corporate experience must provide financial documentation that demonstrates the Offeror's financial responsibility. If no financial statements exist, the contracting officer, after submission, may request additional documentation.

Offerors with less than two (2) years of corporate experience, must submit additional information that demonstrates their ability to manage a company and provide the products/services described under the Schedule, i.e. information on the professional management and project experience of company executives and key personnel.

Getting Started

In addition to the two years of corporate experience and financial statements requirements, there are many other criteria that must be met in order to become a successful MAS contractor. These criteria must be met even when using the Startup Springboard to provide alternative corporate experience and financial statements. Please follow the MAS Roadmap to fully understand these requirements.

*Instructions Applicable to All Offerors

Solicitation provision SCP-FSS-001, Instructions Applicable to All Offerors, provides detailed instructions on the evaluation criteria, including technical requirements, price proposal requirements, past performance requirements, and, for services offers, relevant project experience requirements. A complete understanding of SCP-FSS-001 is essential to submitting a successful offer. It is important to read this provision, found within the solicitation, in its entirety.

Last Reviewed: 2022-05-17