MAS Roadmap: Post Submission

What Happens Next?

After you submit your offer to GSA it will be assigned to a contracting officer.

After Contract Award

  • Compliance and Support - You must maintain compliance with all terms and conditions of your Schedule contract throughout the contract’s life. A GSA representative (known as an Industrial Operations Analyst or "IOA") assigned to you after award will work with you during the contract term to help you remain compliant.
  • Minimum Sales - You must generate $25,000 in sales within the first two years of your Schedule contract and then each individual year thereafter. Your marketing efforts generate your sales, as well as your proactive pursuit of opportunities in the federal market, using tools like and eBuy.
  • Sales Reporting - You are required to track and report your GSA Schedule sales and remit the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) for all sales made against your Schedule contract. The reporting and IFF remittance frequency will depend on how your Schedule contract is awarded.
  • Pricing - You are required to share your full Schedule price list on GSA Advantage within 30 days of award and any applicable modification to your contract. Pricing on GSA Advantage is available for the public to view.
Last Reviewed: 2023-04-17