Schedule Flexibilities

Learn more about the Schedule features and how to take advantage as a buyer and seller.

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) – While GSA Schedules simplify the acquisition process, BPAs further simplify ordering from Schedules. Agencies may establish BPAs to meet recurring requirements for supplies or services, which will greatly reduce the lead time to place orders when requirements arise. This option saves administrative time for contracting officers, while achieving price discounts through volume buying.
  • Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) – CTAs enable greater options for both buyers and sellers. Through CTAs, Schedule contractors can meet buyer needs they would not otherwise be able to meet individually, allowing sellers to expand business opportunities. Buyers have the convenience of a single solution for a wide range of requirements, precluding the need to negotiate with multiple contractors.
  • Order Level Materials (OLMs) - OLMs are products or services required to complete a Schedules order that are not offered on the contractor’s Schedule contract. The OLM rule gives buyers the authority to acquire OLMs when buying from authorized Schedules.OLMs are products or services needed to complete a scope of work that do not currently fall under the supplier’s Schedule. The OLM rule gives buyers the authority to acquire OLMs when buying from authorized Schedules.
  • Small Business Utilization – Small businesses succeed with the Schedules program by establishing CTAs, BPAs, or subcontracting opportunities with larger businesses. These options also assist buyers and large businesses with GSA contracts to meet their socio-economic procurement goals.
  • Schedule Pricing – Schedules are awarded at fair and reasonable contract ceiling prices. Learn how to to seek price reductions at the order level.
Last Reviewed: 2020-05-13