Vibration-Controlled Tools

Triaxle illustration showing coordinate system used to measure hand-arm human vibration as defined by ISO 5348:1986
Illustration shows the coordinate system used to measure hand-arm human vibration, as defined by ISO 5348:1986

Vibrating tools have long been associated with the onset of Raynaud’s disease, or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) [PDF - 302 KB] . These conditions present themselves as debilitating and irreversible, affecting the neurological, vascular and musculoskeletal systems through the continued use of vibrating tools without proper safeguards and technology in place. Mild symptoms include numbness, sensitivity to cold, diminished circulation and even pain. More serious results can be arthritis, tendinitis along with reduced strength and limited mobility. The Navy Safety Center has additional information and references available at the Naval Safety Center site.

GSA’s Heartland Acquisition Center in Kansas City, Missouri, is committed to offering our government customers safer, more ergonomic, and cost effective hand held powered tools [PDF - 286 KB] . This multi-faceted “Best value” approach is at the core of GSA’s business practices. The Vibration-Controlled Tool Program ensures included tools are triaxle tested in accordance ISO Standards 28927 Parts 1 through 13, 15694 and 5349 parts 1 and 2. Test results are then reported on the Noise and Vibration Declaration form [PDF - 7 KB] for future use. These Standards allow the comparison of measurable attributes that can be used during the tool selection process.

GSA has collaborated with both government and civilian agencies to bring this initiative to our customers. This collaboration has involved liaison with NIOSH, DOD and industry partners through the SAE International EG1-B1 Aerospace Standards committee. The result of this collaboration has been the development of Aerospace Standard AS6228, Safety Requirements for Procurement, Maintenance, and Use of Handheld Powered Tools [a nongovernmental site]. This standard provides information on the evaluation, selection criteria, weighting of essential factors and matrices for the purpose of tool selection. The AS6228 has a wide range of potential users from the end user through acquisition and contracting personnel.

How to Purchase

GSA Global Supply offers a number of vibration-controlled items (item summary [XLSX - 50 KB] ) identified with National Stock Numbers (NSN). Orders can be placed with GSA for national stock numbered items in a variety of ways:

Tool details and descriptions can be found via Defense Logistics Agency online Federal Logistics Information Service resource PUBLOG.

Assistance with placing an order is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET by calling toll free 800-525-8027. Submitting a requisition to GSA Global Supply is fast, reliable and accurate. Customers can contact the GSA National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 800-488-3111 or DSN 465-1416 for prompt support with Product Discrepancy Reports, Material Returns and Disposal Arrangements.

Visit GSA’s Acquisition Gateway and navigate to the “Tools and Hardware” acquisition hallway for comprehensive information regarding tools and hardware acquisition in general.

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-14