Procurement Toolkit

Using the USA Contact Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, may shorten your procurement process significantly. The process is straight forward. Our office works with your procurement team to issue a Delegation of Contracting Authority to your Contracting Officer. Once the delegation is in place your procurement team manages the timelines and all procurement processes. We encourage you to browse the topics below and you should work with your contracting office and your agency’s legal representative.

Please note, the links below are intended for use when issuing a task order through the USA Contact IDIQ, but may also provide general information that may help you with your procurement process.

  1. Delegation of Contracting Authority – This process is used with the USA Contact contract. Issuing a delegation of contracting authority to the agency, streamlines the procurement process.
  2. Statement of Work [DOCX - 49 KB] – The SOW is the road map for your procurement. It provides background information about the organization; defines the purpose of the work to be performed; and spells out:
    • Specific task requirements and services that are required
    • Hours of coverage
    • Length of performance period
    • Proposed work flow
    • Staff to be provided and what training is needed
    • Strategy for maintaining quality assurance
    • Technology requirements
    • Contract deliverables
    • Performance standards
  3. Limited Acquisition Plan – This document expands on the SOW and provides specific details about the task order. Limited acquisition plans are required for acquisitions in excess of $100,000, including options, and covers the acquisition purchase.
  4. Determination and Findings – This document is a prerequisite to taking certain contract actions. It provides written approval by an authorized official and is required either by statute or regulation. The “determination” is a conclusion or decision supported by the “findings.’’ The findings are statements of fact or rationale essential to support the determination and must cover each requirement of the statute or regulation.
  5. Source Selection Plan – The source selection plan explains how you will evaluate the offerors. It is a strategy that best reflects the specific requirements, the results of market research, and the risks associated with the acquisition. The plan also describes the evaluation factors and subfactors, their relative importance, and the methodology used to evaluate proposals.
  6. Instructions to Offerors – This document provides guidance to the vendors for how they should submit their responses to the request for quotations.
  7. Indefinite Date, Indefinite Quantity SOW, and Terms and Conditions – These documents are the final statement of work for the USA Contact contract awarded to the nine solution partners; it also lists the terms and conditions that apply to the contract, and questions and answers from them.
  8. Questions and Answers from Vendors [PDF - 108 KB]
  9. 37 USA Contact IDIQ Task Orders Awarded*:
    • FEMA Disaster Assistance – Awarded DHS October 2004
    • National Contact Center – Awarded GSA November 2004
    • HHS Human Trafficking Hotline – Awarded HHS June 2005
    • HHS Program Support Center (includes – Awarded HHS August 2005
    • FEMA National Processing Service Center – Two Awarded DHS September 2005
    • FEMA Donations Hotline – Awarded DHS October 2005
    • FEMA Referral Hotline – Awarded DHS October 2005
    • VA Special Event – Two Awarded VA May 2006
    • State Department Passport Overflow – May 2007
    • VA VBA Education Hotline – Awarded September 2007
    • VA Special Event – Awarded February 2007
    • VA Special Event – Awarded June 2007
    • VA Special Event – Awarded October 2007
    • VA VHA Outreach and Education Initiative for War Time Veterans – Awarded April 2008
    • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Contact Center – Awarded July 2008
    • OPM Retirement Information Office Contact Center – Awarded September 2008
    • GSA Public Buildings Service Contact Center – Awarded September 2008
    • HUD Federal Housing Administration Contact Center – Awarded September 2008
    • HHS Program Support Center – Awarded January 2009
    • HHS Office of the Inspector General Hotline – Awarded February 2009
    • GSA IAE Federal Service Desk – Awarded April 2009
    • FCC DTV Transition Contact Center – Awarded April 2009
    • GSA FCIC National Contact Center – Awarded August 2009
    • CNCS Corporation for National & Community Service – Awarded September 2010
    • EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration – Awarded September 2010
    • CFPB Consumer Response Center Federal Reserve System – Awarded June 2011
    • EPA NSCEP National Service Center for Environmental Publications – Awarded September 2011
    • USCIS United States Citizen and Immigration Services - Award Two Task Orders May 2012
    • PBGC - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Contact Center - Awarded June 2012
    • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Contact Center – Awarded June 2012
    • CNCS – Corporation for National Community Service – Awarded September 2012
    • OPM/ROC – Office of Personnel Management Retirement Operations Center – Awarded November 2013
    • GSA/ – General Services Administration - Federal Information Center – Awarded August 2014
    • CDC/VTrck – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Order Management Contact Center Operations (VTrckS) - Awarded November 2014
    • HUD Federal Housing Administration Contact Center – Awarded March 2015
    • ED-FSA - Department of Education Financial Student Aid - Awarded March 2015

* Task orders awarded under FirstContact contract, USA Contact’s predecessor. USA Contact is the follow-on contract to FirstContact.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-01-20