Records Management Acquisition Planning Package

The following resources are available to help you buy the Electronic Records Management (ERM) Solution you need. We’re here to help! Email us at early in the process if you need support.

Needs Assessment

PRO TIP: Conducting a Needs Assessment as a first step to your electronic records management procurement process will help an agency avoid purchasing a solution that does not properly suit their unique situation or that will not efficiently manage their records. Download NARA’s sample Needs Assessment Statement of Objectives (SOO).

Market Research

The following complimentary resources will help you conduct research to ensure a successful ERM acquisition.

  • Take advantage of GSA’s free Market Research as a Service (MRAS), where GSA will conduct additional market research on your behalf to identify capable vendors and assist you in developing your acquisition strategy.
  • Post your Request for Information (RFI) or a Sources Sought RFI under Electronic Records Management Solutions Category 518210ERM using GSA eBuy, our online Request for Quotation (RFQ) tool.
    • In addition to shortlisting the vendors who can meet your requirements, we encourage you to consider including open ended questions and/or attaching draft requirements to gain a better understanding of the available solutions and improve your SOW/SOO before posting the RFQ.
    • It is also suggested to include any information to help give vendors a sense of the requirement’s scope, e.g. estimated quantity of records and record types, estimate for how many documents may require file maintenance, your preferred software and/or platforms, where the records are located, whether digitization (SIN 518210DC) is required, if there are any security or clearance requirements, etc.
    • GSA Customer Service Directors can assist you with navigating the eBuy system or submitting your request for GSA to post it on your behalf.
  • Use the GSA Discovery Market Research Tool, which hosts information about ERM contract holders and their capabilities, to narrow down the pool of vendors who can meet specific elements of NARA’s Universal ERM requirements.

Write Your Requirements

Use these resources and tips to write your requirements.

Ensure Compliance with Policies and Mandates

  • Read the Transition to Electronic Records (OMB/NARA M-19-21) which describes the steps the Government will take to meet the NARA goals and deadlines mandated herein.
  • Download the most current version of NARA’s Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) Requirements. GSA incorporates the latest version via solicitation refreshes and corresponding modifications to existing MAS contracts; All contractors awarded contracts under GSA MAS SIN 518210ERM must select which of the ERM elements they are capable of providing and self-certify their understanding and ability to meet the associated requirements/standards for those elements. The completed certification is published on GSA eLibrary as part of their Terms & Conditions and on GSA’s Discovery Tool.
  • Download the latest Universal Use Cases - The Universal Use Cases serve as a tool agencies can use when procuring services or solutions to manage electronic records. They can be used by agencies to demonstrate how vendors perform the described requirements and workflows. These are built directly off the Federal Business Lifecycle and Business Capabilities. They tell the “stories” of how to manage electronic records.
  • Reach out to the GSA/NARA team early in the process to take advantage of best practices by emailing

Sample Statements of Objectives (SOOs)

The statement of objectives is an alternative to a government prepared statement of work (SOW). A SOO provides the government's overall objectives and the offeror's required support to achieve the contractual objectives.

Sample Request for Quotes (RFQs)

Once you have conducted market research and written your requirement, you can post your RFQ to GSA eBuy under the appropriate SINs. Below is a sample RFQ which included the sample SOO above as an attachment.

Execute Your Contract

Use the new Product Service Codes (PSCs) established in 2019 to properly report spending for records management in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

R616 - Physical Records Management (SIN 493110RM)
R617 - Electronic Records Management (SIN 518210ERM)

Last Reviewed: 2022-01-14